STM’s team of engineers have extensive experience in Nuclear Facility Decommissioning at all phases of the process. STM process of decommissioning takes in to consideration any and all radioactive material and the proper method of disposing of any and all material that is hazardous to the environment.  Although the method of disposing of radioactive material is extensive, STM never compromises in our method.

STM’s team performs all administrative and technical functions necessary for the “Cleanup” of the radioactive facility, including demolition and removal of all material. Upon completion of the demolition STM performs an area and soils testing to ensure the area is free of radioactive material. Additionally, STM performs all the regulatory controls necessary to release the plant and identify it as safe.

Project Management

STM is a leader in Engineering Project Management. Our employees are experts who pride themselves in taking the leadership role in all phases of a project utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience in Engineering and Project Management Methodology.

Engineering and Design

STM’s engineering and design teams’ creed is “solutions oriented”, “customer first.” Our team of experts follow the design methodology of – Define the problem, gather information, generate multiple solutions, Analyze and select a solution, Test and Implement. By following tthis 5 prong rule STM has garner the respect of their clients for delivering as promised.

Civil Engineering

STM’s Civil engineering division takes responsibility for the solutions they implement. The team always have to consider the community the project is located in and how the designs and solutions they implement might impact the community.  Our Civil engineers are problem solvers, meeting the challenges associated with planning, designing, construction and operation of a project..

Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

STM’s has considerable experience in the methodology associated with the in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the process of dismantling and removal of contaminated materials.

Sustainable Engineering

With the heightened awareness of the issues facing our planet with – global warming, ozone layer depletion, pollution, etc. STM has forged ahead in creating a division whose sole purpose is to find new ways to create energy by harnessing the sun’s ray and desalinization to provide water to regions that do not have the benefit of running water.  STM endeavors to create a more sustainable world for our future.


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