Our mission is to provide quality services through Innovative Engineering, Design and Management practices with a team of dedicated professionals whose collective goal is “customer satisfaction.”

STM offers Engineering and Project Management Services as part of any contract. Our areas of expertise include field surveys and feasibility studies, to include – Design, Operability and Risk Assessment.

STM Services is a complete solution – providing Engineering, Design and Project Management. Our portfolio gives our customers the option to work with a singular highly competent team for the design, engineering and construction.  This method create efficiency by reducing the expense associated with having multiple points of contacts within an organization.  We are continually striving to be the “go to” company for all your Engineering and Design needs.


STM Innovative Solutions Provider Of Alternative Energy Sources

Our People

STM partners with our clients in helping to build a better world, providing a full range of services for projects and programs that focus on fortifying structures to minimize the impact during natural disasters.


STM’s leaders are committed to continually learning and sharing our knowledge in the Utility and Environmental Sector.  We are consistently raising the bar with our processes and knowledge base, which allows us to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Utilizing New and reinforcing old methods that are founded in best practices, enabling us to meet the needs of our communities by fulfilling our purpose of creating a safe environment and a more sustainable world.


STM is committed to finding positive and lasting solutions to environmental challenges. Every employee takes an interest in contributing as a company and as individuals in making a difference to our community and the planet as a whole.


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